Specialty Items

GW Deck can also remove old metal decking prior to the installation of new decking. We have removed and installed

Stud Welding


Gardner-Watson Decking currently owns two automated stud welding machines and five stud welding guns.  Our 2 or 3 man stud crews lay out the studs according to the plans provided and may install up to 2,000 studs per day.

GW Deck can either install studs purchased by others or we may purchase the studs ourselves and include this as part of our installed price.  Studs are typically installed over wide flange beams and are an integral part of a complete composite floor system.

Floor Decking

floor-deckingGardner-Watson Decking installs a wide variety of floor decking.  The most common types are 2” and 3” galvanized composite deck, usually in 18 or 20 gage thicknesses.  Composite deck usually is butted together and it is important to leave space on beams for the subsequent installation of shear studs.  GW Deck also installs all light gage flashings that are provided to cover gaps around columns and deck ends.  This type of deck can be attached via welding or forced entry pins and normally rests on wide flange steel beams.

GW Deck also installs thin sheets (typically 26 gage) called form deck.  This deck has a lower profile (typically less than 1” high) and it can overlap during installation.  Because this deck is usually installed over open web steel joists that often have thin flanges, the preferred attachment method is either careful welding or with screws.


Roof Decking

roof-deckingRoof decking is typically some form of 1.5” wide rib metal sheets (Type ‘B’ deck), usually 20 or 22 gage.  It is normally attached to open web steel joists and can be attached using welds, pins or screws.  If the deck has a painted finish on the underside welding may not be recommended and instead a mechanical means of attachment may be recommended.  GW deck crews install more of this type of deck than any other.

Gardner-Watson Decking also installs roof deck that must span a great distance (up to 30 feet or more).  Epic Metals is one company that manufactures this type of roof deck.  The sheets are usually much heavier than other decking and sometimes must be installed raising one sheet at a time from the ground.  Because this deck must be aesthetically correct, GW Deck crews take extreme care positioning and fastening each sheet of deck.